GOORAL is a Polish producer, sound generator and a forerunner in merging electronic music (electro, drum and bass, dubstep) with the traditional folk tunes from the Polish mountain region. Gooral’s musical output is strongly influenced by his home town – Bielsko- Biała, a place surrounded by mountains that marks an entrance into high ridges for some and is a gateway to civilization for others. The most distinctive feature of Gooral’s music is it’s unequaled energy, an energy that can be grasped at his live performances. The formula of this energy is based on fresh-sounding mix of various musical traditions. It’s truly something to be experienced!
Gooral has a record of almost 150 successful shows. The setup was featured in many music festivals, e.g. Heineken Opener Festival (Gdynia), Red Bull X Fighers (Poznań), Coke Live Festival (Cracow) not to mention club concerts, outdoor performances and charity events. All of them attest to the versatility of Gooral project.
April of 2011 saw Gooral’s debut album “Ethno Electro” issued by SP Records. Soon it was welcomed by the media industry as a solid representative of the “new wave” scene. The success of the record is clearly evidenced not only by high counts of his Youtube hits or even by crowds attending Gooral’s live shows but – first and foremost – by number of fans interacting with the artist, both through social media and during live events.

GOORAL is ..

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